Workholding, bar feeds, drill sharpening

(Kitagawa, Chick, Iemca, Darex, Tecnomagnete)

Large milling and turning machines

(Asquith Butler, Mubea, Sahos, Zayer)

Sheet metalworking machinery

(Laser cutting, water jet, press brakes)

Automated guided vehicles

(for factories and warehouses)

Turning and milling centres

(Index, Traub, Hermle, SHW, Zimmermann, Burkhardt + Weber, Waldrich Coburg

 CNC systems, DROs, probes,

linear and angle encoders

Machining centres and FMS

and operator training equipment

Manufacturer of grooving, side

turning and slot milling tools

Machining centres and CNC lathes

with proprietary WinMax CNC systems

Sawing machines, material storage

systems for bar, tube, sheet and more

 Milling, turning and grinding machines

(Makino, Okuma, Okamoto, Mecof)

Metrology equipment and software

for contact and non-contact inspection

Vibratory finishing machines

and consumables

Industrial cleaning machines

(standard and bespoke)

Machining centres and CNC lathes

(Brother, Spinner, Biglia)


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